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about us

curious about the folks behind the business?

We are a mom & pop style small business, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're literally a mom & pop, because we're a husband and wife team! Matthew, who studied photography at the University of Memphis, grew a passion for photo booths when he started working for a photo booth company in San Francisco, California. He met his wife Doris who is originally from Eastern Europe but grew up in the Netherlands. With our love for photo booths and passion for spreading happiness throughout the world through simple souvenirs of the past (photo strips by using vintage-style photo booths), we knew we wanted to expand and grow this company to its fullest potential. Doris considers herself a Dutch-Bosnian-American (in no particular order) and we have taken advantage of her knowledge and heritage with deep roots in Europe. Matthew is the photo booth builder and expert, and through his ability to build these beautiful machines we make a great team! So, that's the gist of the story behind the owners of Classic Photo Booth Co. Thank you for considering to rent one of our booths and/or placing a vintage style photo booth at your venue!