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CLASSIC photo booth placement

Enhance your venue with a customized, vintage-style photo booth! We provide no-cost service for bars, restaurants, museums, and other venues. Our vintage inspired photo booths fit in perfectly virtually anywhere! Designed based on the classic retro photo booths of 1960s & 1970s Hollywood. Customize a photo booth with your logo and harness the creative brand awareness, all while rewarding your regulars with something they can take home and keep forever. There's nothing quite like a vintage-style photo booth to enhance your venue with a positive, meaningful guest experience! Inquire today about a vintage-style photo booth for your venue! From Los Angeles CA to Amsterdam NL, we have a classic booth for you!

Meet the Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth. 

The Perfect Photo Booth for placement at bars, restaurants, museums, music venues, arcades, hotels, ice cream parlors, at no cost to you!

U.S.A. Or Europe,


The Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth.

The Vending Photo Booth ideal for: bars, clubs, wedding venues, concert halls, stadiums, malls, arcades, hotels, theaters, auditoriums, etc.

Looking for a photo booth to enhance your business or venue? That's what we do! Depending on current availability, we'll install a cool vintage-style photo booth to your venue completely FREE of charge. As a matter of fact, We'll even pay you monthly! Let our team customize it for you and maintain it, so you never have to worry about it! Reach out today and discover how adding the timeless magic of a photo booth can enhance your venue! 

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