Custom photo booths for placement at any venue.

Hi. We're Classic Photo Booth Co. We offer customized, vintage-style photo booths for placement in bars, restaurants, and venues. Our photo booths seem to fit in well almost anywhere! You get to customize the booth, photo strips, and more. You don't pay us anything, we actually pay you a share of the profits every month for having our photo booth in your venue. We maintain them and cover all costs, that's our job! It's the perfect liability-free, income-generating addition to your venue. Your guests get to use the photo booth for $5 per two strips, and the strips are fully customized with your venue's logo. Your logo ends up on the desks and refrigerators of everyone who stopped by your establishment for everyone to see and remember! What better way to enhance your venue and do a little bit of free marketing while you're at it! Contact us for a Custom Photo Booth Today! Proudly serving both the U.S.A. and Europe.


Meet the Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth. 

Photo Booth for Placement. Ideal for: bars, music venues, pool halls, arcades, shops, hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc.

vintage vending photo booth - classic photobooth machine

The Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth.

A Vending Photo Booth Ideal for: Bars, clubs, wedding venues, concert halls, stadiums, malls, arcades, hotels, theaters, auditoriums, and other large establishments.

U.S.A. Or Europe,


Want a photo booth to enhance your business or venue? That happens to be what we do! Contact us today for a customized plan to put a photo booth in your venue FREE of charge, actually WE'LL PAY YOU! Our Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booths can fit in just about anywhere and people love them! We'll even customize the photo strips for you. Got a situation that calls for leasing a photo booth? Get in touch. Need help with your photo booth? Just call our Service Line at  801-831-8882.


UTAH photo booth rentals

Watch a quick video about our Vintage -Style Photo Booth Rentals 

Every photo booth session yields two identical photo strips, so there's plenty to go around. A fun vintage suitcase of props is also included! After the event, you will receive an online gallery complete with all the photos taken - Great for sharing on social media, or making a photo album! Feel free to request a rental quote for your event using the form below. Ideal for: weddings, graduations, anniversaries, school parties, company parties, (religious) ceremonies, birthdays, holiday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, Halloween/costume parties, dance/dinner parties, and practically any other party or gathering you could dream of! And the good news is... We are one of the more affordable photo booth rentals in the State of Utah! So, You don't have to break the bank to rent a photo booth from us. Now there's money left over for the hors d'oeuvres!

Rent one of our Vintage-Style Photo Booths for any and all events in the great state of Utah. Got an upcoming event in the Salt Lake City Area? We got a photo booth for you! Weddings, birthday parties, ceremonies, graduations, anniversaries, holiday parties, company parties, you name it. We serve the Salt Lake Valley, Utah, and surrounding areas for photo booth rentals. The classic photo booth is an elegant and timeless addition to any celebration. Your guests get unlimited photo strips and they get to choose between black & white, or color photos. You get to customize the photo strips with the logo or phrase that corresponds with your event.

Utah Photo Booth Rental.png

The Model M-2 Vintage-Style Rental Photo Booth

Rent a Photo Booth for any Utah area event including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, you name it! 


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