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Are you looking for a permanent vending style photo booth for your venue, bar, restaurant, juice bar, clothing store, hotel, motel, hostel, campground, zoo, aquarium, casino, or literally any other place you would like to have a photo booth installed, but your country is not yet listed on our site? Then please let us know! We will do our best to accommodate you and get you hooked up with one of our handmade, vintage-style photo booths.  


The Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth.

Ideal for: Bars, clubs, wedding venues, concert halls, (sports) halls and stadiums, malls, arcades, banquet halls, hotels, theaters, auditoriums, and other large establishments.


*Includes Custom Photo Strips! 


Let's Talk!

contact us with a call or text to our main service line: 801-831-8882

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