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Classic Photo Booth Co. 

proudly serves all of the 50 United States and Europe. As a matter of fact, there is no place in the United States that we wouldn't install a photo booth! Basically, If you are looking for a custom photo booth for your venue and you're located in the USA, we've got you. Here's how it works: We put a photo booth in your venue free of charge and pay you a profit share every month. You customize the photo strips and patrons keep them (and your logo) cherished forever. We like to call it "seeds into the wind" marketing! 

Pictured above: Vintage-style Model M-3 Photo Booth at Betty Rae's Ice Cream in Kansas City Missouri


There simply is no photo booth company more dedicated to you and your patrons. No matter which event venue you'd like to add one of our photo booths to, we maintain them, repair them, clean them, and pay for all of it, too. We are committed to making sure that this is not only a fun experience for you, but also free of financial liabilities (yes, adding one of our photo booths to your venue is free of cost to you)!

money maker

Yes, the photo booth is here to make you money! You get to have a vintage-style, custom photo booth at your venue at no cost. The way it works is as follows: we install one of our photo booths at your venue. We customize it with your desired logo and we maintain every aspect of the booth, and cover all repairs and paper costs. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and collect a percentage of the monthly income the photo booth makes. The more patrons use the booth, the more you encourage usage, the more money you make.

GENERATE passive income

You get paid every month, so what's stopping you from adding these photo booths to all the venues you own? Whether it's just for one venue or multiple, you may either use it as steady income to add to your venue's operating expenses, or you can view it as a way of making passive income without having to do any work. It's truly a win-win situation for everybody. Another way to make money is to rent out your venue and include the booth with the rental price. What's not to love?

another reason to visit

The photo booth is simply another reason for people to come visit your bar, restaurant, music venue, etc. The addition of having a photo booth in a time of smart phones is particularly attractive, because people get to keep a physical photograph of themselves and their friends in a time of smartphone photography. We have also seen people take photos of the photo strips and share them on social media, which further spreads the word about your venue through the sharing of your logo on the strips.

party on!

We have seen the photo booth be a reason for people to stay and keep partying. The photo booth is an attraction that is typically used after a few drinks have been involved, as it loosens people up and makes them more likely to act goofy in front of a photo booth. Sometimes people will stay until deep in the night and hover around the booth as a way of gathering with their friends. It's truly an effective party-encouraging tool for your venue.

we play our cards right.

Between the free maintenance and upkeep, custom logos and design, and the energy revolving around a photo booth, we make sure your experience with us is easy and fun. We don't want our booths to be another time-consuming liability for you and your bar: we want it to be the easiest and most fun thing you could have at your venue. So we make sure that it stays that way, by only hiring committed, honest, and dedicated staff. Should anything be of concern to you, never hesitate to reach out to us on our service line, which we will give to you as soon as the booth is installed. 


Pictured above: Our Vintage-Style Model M3 Photo Booth. Photographed at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Perfect for bars, pubs, dance clubs, or any venue where people like to have fun.


all right, i want one.

Sounds good! Let's get this rolling. Please fill out the form below with some information about you, your venue, and location. We would love to set up a quick call to determine the timeframe for the installation of the booth, custom logos, and other needs and comments you might have.


Thank you! We will be in touch with you soon.

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